A little about us...

Alternative Farmacy is a family owned facility. We have a tight knit group of growers who produce high quality products at the lowest reimbursements possible. We pride ourselves in providing accurate up to date information on Oregon Medical Marijuana laws, information on the newest studies regarding cannabis and its effects on your health, and quality patient care. We are a registered facility under HB 3460, our application was the 6th approved! Being a registered facility makes it that much more important to follow the law, so please don't ask us to bend or break the laws because we wont.


10340 NE Weidler st

Portland OR 97220

(503) 255-0092


Welcome to Alternative Farmacy!

Our Hours:

We are open Monday-Friday from 12pm-8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am-7pm

What we offer:

In addition to a variety of flowers, we also carry many concentrates, Medables and accessories. Check our menu for a complete list of products.

Information Services:

We offer free information on getting your OMMP card, up to date and accurate info on the changing medical marijuana laws and the newest medical studies.

Family owned, locally grown, all organic & pesticide free... know what's in your medication!